Two Revit tools that significantly improve your workflow

Posted on by Nayive Kalkach

As someone that spends 80% of my working hours using Revit, I have taken on the task of finding tools that help ease repetitive processes and visualization when navigating a 3D model.

 The following add-ins have arisen as my two favorites and most used :

Coins Auto-Section box

Add-on that helps you to visualize in 3D a specific element or view. It is especially helpful when you are working on a larger project and want to avoid the usual "3D view/ Orient to view/Floor plan /Scroll forever to find the view name" route. Instead, just click on your element, type the previously set shortcut to run the tool and voila! your 3D view with a section box appears.

Stair plan
COINS Auto-Section Box

Palladio helps you organize the layout of your windows with a few clicks (or key shortcuts) to your preferred size and location. The add-in lets you easily layout a right, left, top or bottom preference and a size for your windows, making it faster than manually resizing them.


Give them a try and let me know how they worked out for you, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Oh! Did I mention they are free?