Let it sit.

Posted on by Nayive Kalkach

 I had a very interesting meeting with Gioi, one of the partners of Applegate Tran Interiors. The meeting consisted in some students visiting his firm and getting insight on how it is that the interior design business really works. He gave us his perspective on design and explained to us in a very detailed manner how he runs his company. 

As I am taking some notes of the ideas that he was sharing with us, I heard him say something that caught my attention.  "Let it sit, let your idea sit, understand the problem and let it stay in your mind for a while. Go out, entertain yourself with other things and later, when you come back, look at the problem again and the solution will be a lot easier to find because you had given it time to develop in your brain." I made a quick note-sketch to remember this and kept listening. 

Now that I got the chance to review my notes and give them some thought, I realized how important this "Let it sit" advice is. Many times we get trapped in a problem that becomes a never-ending cycle of frustration and non-progress because we don't let the idea rest in our minds. It is a little bit like having a word "on the tip of your tongue" and after making so much effort to remember it without success, you give up only to discover that it will gloriously pop out later when you least expect it. Next time you find yourself in this position, you know what to do: LET IT SIT. Easy.

My note of Gioi letting his idea sit for a while.

My note of Gioi letting his idea sit for a while.