Keeping up.

Posted on by Nayive Kalkach

With all the new information that comes up day by day It is easy to give up on trying to know everything. Even if you are just interested in one topic, being able to fully understand it requires a lot of time that  we do not have. Sometimes, inside all this darkness of endless continuous education, a silver lining can appear and helps us to consolidate the most updated information without too much trouble. In the hospitality design world is called BD West.

BD West is a specialized trade fair that showcases the latest finds for hospitality design. Social events, conferences and several displays with furniture and the newest materials are some of the opportunities that the fair offers. Networking being one of the best outcomes (you never know who you can meet).

If you are on the West Coast area and are interested in Hospitality, you better start packing because there's a lot of keeping up to do. Don't miss the opportunity and if you are going, let me know so we can meet over there!