Tour to Palecek

Posted on by Nayive Kalkach

Last week I had the opportunity to take a fun trip to Palecek's furniture factory with the HBA team. It is very interesting to see how things are being made since it opens our eyes to possibilities  of things that could be made.

Something that I really enjoyed  is the happiness that the workers showed when doing their tasks, one of them was kind enough to explain to me what she did and made sure to tell me that she appreciated very much her work there. More than 40 years ago, Palecek started as a basket-weaving business that slowly evolved into a successful furniture and lighting company for commercial and residential use. Here are some of the cool moments that we had in the visit. Enjoy!

One of my favorites!

One of my favorites!

Special thanks to Suzanna Koolidge and Phylis Steiber for making this awesome trip possible.