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    Residential Design. La Gavia

    We worked with our client in a design proposal to upgrade his new home in the heart of Mexico City.

    Different types of wood, materials and nature-inspired colors established the core for the design concept making it logical to reuse some of the existing furniture and keeping the layout of the residence but bringing new materials and pieces that unify the design of the house. 


    Hospitality Design. Older Night Club

    Located in the suburbs of Mexico City, Older Night Club is an electronic music club that had the use of RAW materials and an industrial appearance as requirements. Its underground concept was approached with the use of neutral colors, simple forms and strong details. LED technology was applied in lines that cross the space from front to back in order to make it look bigger  along with side lights that live-up the place in early hours.Considered the best interior design in its city, Older Night Club presents a combination of elegance and simplicity.
    Client: José García.

    P1000665 copia.jpg

    Retail Design. Spirit Dance Company

    This award-winner dance studio located in Mexico focuses on teaching hip hop to everyone that allows them. For these project, SDC planned to launch their new clothes season on a brand new store located in the studio as well as a new cafeteria that would allow people to be comfortable and have a nice chatting time after classes. 

    Design: Victor Eich + Nayive Kalkach

    Client: Spirit Dance Company


    IMG_0427 copia.jpg

    JT Desk

    Functionality and simplicity describe this piece that is available in two versions for different placing of working tools. Made out of pine wood and finished with strong varnish. Its interior is presented in two tones, black for the sober taste and red for the outgoing. Depth is 65 cm. Width is customizable just as the integration of an extra shelf to keep the CPU from the floor. The ashtray and glass-holder are optional accesories.

    Design: Nayive Kalkach​

    Client: Joseph Terruel​


    Furniture Transformation. Old drawers + Imagination

    When I was remodelling a home I found an old cabinet and a table with plenty of drawers that were in very good shape. Unfortunately the cabinet was very old and damaged to keep it but since we have to take care of our planet, I decided to give the drawers and the table a new use. This is what a little paint and imagination achieved :)


    Twin chairs

    How many times have we had to decide between two total opposite things that we like? Should I choose this? Should I choose that? We go round and round on which thing would makes us look better or would go better with our room. We even make a list of pros and cons on each of the options and sometimes we talk to our friends to see what they would choose knowing that it does not matter what they say because we would be the ones with the last word.

    The story of these chairs was born when I came up to my client with some initial sketches and asked him if he wanted to proceed with a strong, heavy-looking chair design or if he wanted a more organic and elegant chair design. After thinking for a few minutes and looking at me puzzled he said: "I want both." Probably after his answer my face looked more puzzled than his: "How do you mix and match two completely opposite shapes?" my mind said immediately.

    This was my solution.

    Client: FTVO 

    Location: Mexico City



    Furniture Concept. Chord.

    "In music a chord, by three notes is formed

    that complement each other and make a better world.

    Available in four different colors to make your own combination,

    think of all the possibilities until you accomplish perfection."

    These stools were inspired by the intersection of basic geometric figures and they will reveal their strong personality in the environment where they sit.






    Residential Design. The GrayHouse.

    The Grayhouse was created as a final project for 3D Modelling
    course. The correct placement of materials and lighting was
    a requirement as well as the final rendering to look photorealistic. The harmony of the design was achieved by the
    combination of an unsaturated color palette and the natural appearance
    of the material selection.

    Software: Modelling in 3DS MAX and retouching in Photoshop.


    Hospitality Design. Shanghai Hotel.

    COURSE Hospitality Design Studio. 
    LOCATION Shanghai.

    Shanghai Hotel is a five-star hotel and restaurant  located in the renowned city of Shanghai, China. The citie´s richness in culture and history combined with an endless pursue of perfection has made it become one of the most modern cities in the world.
    Inspired by the intensity, movement and energy,this project aims to be the reflection of the city where it stands.


    Incase "Sonic Over-ear Headphones" competition

    This fixture was proposed to showcase the Sonic Incase Headphones in a commercial fixture competition.

    The simple, smooth and clean look was achieved by abstracting the shape of the headphones and bringing it to its simplest form. Its height, design and technological approach would make it stand out of other commercial fixtures. 

    Software: Solid Works, Hypershot and Photoshop.


    Retail Design. Pixie Studio

    What is more fun than going shopping for new clothes? How about making your own design in the pants that you already love wearing?
    Pixie Studio is all about creativity. Come to the store, try the pants, decide which size fits you and start creating. There are several options of fabrics, patterns and color to choose from. Come to the creation stations and build your own pants through the app, place your order and you are ready to go! Prepare yourself to receive your own creation at home.
    Not feeling creative? No worries. A special edition of pixie pants designed exclusively for this store will be sold while supplies last.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to get your pixies, don’t miss the fun, come and create your own!


    Retail Design. Fireclay Tile Showroom

    Fireclay Tile is a brand that prides itself in creating sustainable, hand-made tile for commercial and residential use. The project aimed to showcase their product in an interactive way to help the user envision the tile in their space. 

    Location: San Francisco

    This project was made in collaboration with Urjowan Alsharif


    Residential Design. The first time

    Who doesn´t remember their fist kiss? or their fist job? or the first time you paid something with your own money? What about the first apartment you had? First times are unforgettable  and this is precisely what the objective of this project was. My client wanted to furnish his first apartment with a "cozy-looking" design. He wanted something modern but, as he said, "not too modern because it seems very cold and boring for me".

    Straight and strong lines with a light-colored maple wood that would ease the appearance were the solution to this task and I am pretty sure that these first furniture would be in the client´s memory for the rest of his life. 

    Client: Mariano Camberos 

    Location: Mexico City 



    Office Design. The ever-changing office

    A jump into the future by imagining how an interior design office would look in five years from now.
    The design was inspired by nature offering a highly-functional environment through spaces that allow for easy communication, boost the user´s creativity and increase focus.


    Cradle to Cradle desk

    In an attempt to lower their prices, the furniture industry has been creating unreliable disposable products that  take no more than a year to be thrown away. The street is one of the first places where
    all the unwanted pieces go. The consequences are an increasing amount of trash in the landfills and bedbug infestations.
    For economic reasons, high-end products with Sustainability Certifications are out of the question for the average person.

    Based on the Cradle to Cradle framework I would like to propose a home desk that pursues the gold certification in the Cradle to Cradle Principles with special attention on Material Health, Material Reutilization and Social